Did this a while ago on Dave from Archive tattoo in Toronto.

Game of thrones FTW!


He really smells like dog buns.

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Megalon was up next in my little kaiju series


King Ghidorah!


I made this for Grantland. It’s an Illmatic Influence Infographic. I made it because Saturday is the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, if you can even believe that. It shows the names and number of songs that have sampled each particular track from Illmatic. It’s thorough. I think if you click on it it’ll get bigger. You can read about the methodology and whatnot here, where they definitely have a big version of it. Listen to this while you peruse the chart.

Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book is in stores now. Please go buy one. It’s the… wait for it… waaaiiiit… not quite… aaaaaand… malibooyah! It’s the ill thing to do. Thank you, thank you.

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Today’s the day, folks! Go snag your copy of ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #1 at a local comic shop, or snag it digitally right here, right now via:



Marvel’s Digital Comic Shop


Written by Felipe Smith
Art by Tradd Moore
Colors by Val Staples and Nelson Dániel
Cover Colors by Laura Martin

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It is with great privilege that I can finally announce a ridiculous art show that I collaborated on with talented painter Bruce White called “Velvetmania.” It truly is spectacular.

Through some magical skill of persuasion that I still don’t understand, I was able to convince Bruce to create a show idea I had - to paint over 35 BLACK VELVET portraits of my favorite old school wrestlers from the 80’s and 90’s, and now the world can see them all in person. Working with Bruce to carefully choose the subjects may have been one of the most exciting experiences I’ve yet to achieve artistically. Imagine my expression when I got to ask him, “Can you Google Giant Gonzalez?” It opens THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, at G1988 (West), from 7-10 PM, and the artist will be in attendance. Each piece is more stunning than the next, capturing the era and personality of each larger than life wrestler perfectly. You won’t know whether to laugh or compare it to the Mona Lisa. From the world renown to the obscure, Bruce & I made sure to depict every legend of the squared circle.

I would love to see you this Friday night at 7308 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, as even after 10 years of owning a gallery, this may just be the show most connected to my terrible mind - and all produced by the genius Bruce White, widely regarded as the world’s premiere black velvet painter. 


Snow days=art projects. Laid down some color on my ibid today. #art #drawings #tattoo #flash #design #dragons

New project. I don’t do many dragons. #art #drawings #tattoo #flash #design #dragon


Sketching what i want to 👊 would love to tattoo this! #feminist#freepussyriot#pussyriot#freedom#women#girlpower#fu#sketch#drawing#balaklava#spray#feminism#kvinnohat#gittson#dailysketch#tattoo#neotraditional#neotrad#ntgallery 💥💀

Still working on this. #art #drawings #tattooflash #flash #tattoo # grimreaper #skull

Lake Natron in northern Tanzania turns animals into stone.

#drawings #tattoo #flash #tattooflash #cartoons